No need to fear to be foreigners in Singapore, we have a solution!


not a secret when Singapore became known as the State most enthusiasts, a tourist destination of various kinds of entertainment in the world. Countries with reliable money lenders in Singapore the size of the island are not huge but spoil a lot of people. Not rarely, Singapore arrivals strangers in every day. They were settled and there were just on vacation alone. Not only to travel, but Singapore provides future is so good that many people who come in and want to work here. The BBC reported that since 2015, from 5.9 million population, there are at least 1:32 million migrants. Immigrants in Singapore are those who work and live, both in a long time or temporary. This percentage is enough to prove the existence of Singapore as a country that attracted much interest, the arrival of a stranger make every requirement be different, especially for those who come to settle. Living in a foreign country is not easy, therefore, to deal with our needs while in a foreign country, then we should at least know the reliable money lenders in Singapore.

It is a common concern for migrants, the cost of living in one country with other countries is not the same. Lifestyle becomes a considerable influence, whether the materials to make cheap meals or not? How about the needs of clothes? What about the house and others? All that we have to think. Not rarely, immigrants who came to Singapore do not have enough supplies to see life in the country with a high level of life. Moreover, the foreign workers who usually have a unique desire so often decide to use the services of borrowing money to fulfil their needs. Seeing this phenomenon, the Singapore government to provide at least a licensed money lending services of several agencies under the supervision of the Ministry of Law Singapore and closely monitored in accordance with the law.

There are various kinds of loan products that you can use, but if you are a foreign worker it is wise to use the services of the Foreign Loan lending is where there are a Glance Credit AP product that works to comply your necessary as immigrants. This product is equipped with an experienced and professional financial advisor who will assist you in overcoming your financial problems during your loan and stay in the State Singapore. Foreign loans have been included into the needs of education, health, living expenses and other desperate the needs of.

Then you will ask, how do I get this loan?

Almost all moneylending reliable agency in Singapore to make the terms of this as a validation of your form to apply for foreign lending, namely;

1. Your permit to work for in Singapore.
2. The lease and tenancy document.
3. Letter from your place of work signed by your Company Manager.
4. Slip salary for 3 months.
5. Passport